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Many of us had the opportunity to listen to Ken Kay at the Governor’s Summit on Innovative Education, during which, Ken shared with the audience the Top Skills workers need to possess to be employable in 2020. These skills include complex problem solving critical thinking, creativity and much more, but most importantly, Ken spoke to us on this thought, which makes a great deal of sense. “If you don’t define the direction you want to go in, all the change you want to motivate is going to be scattered and it isn’t going to head you in a purposeful direction.”
You may remember Ken Kay’s inspiring words from the June 2017 Governor’s Summit on Innovative Education. During his speech, Ken helped school leaders, such as yourself, understand their vision for change and determine how to define the direction your district wants to go. EdLeader21 can assist districts in organizing change to ensure your school heads in a purposeful, clear direction. 
EdLeader21 is looking for committed transformative leaders in North Dakota to participate in their program. They have secured a special offer that is only available to North Dakota school districts that are focused on 21st century education. An anonymous donor is willing to subsidize $2,500 of a two-year membership for districts to join EdLeader21.  The number of subsidies is limited, so take advantage of this opportunity today.
If you are interested in joining EdLeader21, submit the North Dakota Application and the Enrollment Form by September 13th for an opportunity to receive this subsidy.
For more information on the benefits of membership, a recorded overview webinar specifically for North Dakota districts can be viewed here. On this webinar, Ken Kay shares how joining EdLeader21 can jumpstart your district transformation work and provide more details about this unique opportunity exclusively for North Dakota districts.
Please contact Jo Tudisco Guntert at jtudiscoguntert@edleader21.com if you have any questions or need more information.