#InnovativeND Awards

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Sponsored by NDDPI and the Governor’s Office, the 2018 #InnovativeND Awards will be presented at the Governor’s Summit on Innovative Education in June.

These awards build on North Dakota’s focus on leading the nation in innovative education, and embracing approaches that include hands on, experiential, project-based learning opportunities that will prepare students for success in an economy being driven by rapid technological change.

These awards reflect innovative education practices happening throughout North Dakota, and build upon ND-based resources including www.NDPlaylist.org, and #InnovativeND, available to all educators.

Each award is based on a theme reflecting a holistic view of education – from frontline innovation in the classroom, to creating an innovative ecosystem within your communities and school districts, empowering student leaders, and transforming our educational system to meet 21st century workforce needs. Awards may be considered in multiple award categories.  The deadline for nominations is May 7, 2018. Frontline Innovation
Creating a love of life-long learning starts in every home, and every classroom. These are the seeds of the kind of innovative education happening in classrooms throughout North Dakota: from STEAM-based curriculum, to coding classes, and project-based, experiential learning that teaches interpersonal and team-building skills, we want to shine a spotlight on the innovative approaches in your classroom. Be part of creating a grassroots movement in our classrooms and communities that enables sharing best practices and empowering students for the jobs of the future.

Collaborative Culture
Creating a collaborative culture where the community and classrooms work together is imperative in a 21st century economy. Aligning our educational approaches with workforce needs of industries that are facing rapid technological change is critical. Fostering conversations and collaboration between and among policymakers, business and educational leaders at the grassroots level will help set students up for success – before graduation and beyond. This award is a ‘building level’ award that will recognize cross-cutting efforts that reach across subjects and classrooms, and reflect diverse community and business stakeholder perspectives that are vital to our students’ success.

System Transformation
Our deeply held beliefs about the traditional educational system are being transformed by the realities of a global economy being driven by rapid technological change. This award recognizes, at the district level, innovations happening in our educational system that will have a fundamental impact on how students learn, and are prepared, for the new economy. Share your transformational approach to education in your district and how it is creating a learning organization and system built on 21st century innovation.

Student Leadership
Courageous curiosity begins with asking good questions, and many of our best ideas come from our students. This award will recognize students who are advancing innovative education through leadership in and outside of the classroom. Whether an individual or a group of students who are helping shape the future of innovative education in our state – they demonstrate creative approaches to learning through a love of life-long learning.