Draft2 Public Comment Indigenous and World Language Content Standards

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End: Friday, October 15, 2021 - 11:59 pm
Due Date

North Dakotans who are interested in reviewing the standards may find them on the website of the state Department of Public Instruction. Reviewers who wish to leave comments may use this form (Link) to do so. 

Public comments will be reviewed by department staff along with a review committee made up of representatives of business, industry and labor, community leaders, and the general public. The review committee will draft recommendations for the educators on the standards development committee who are revising the standards. 

North Dakota’s minimum high school graduation requirements include three units of foreign languages, Native American languages, fine arts, or career and technical education courses. Students must pass at least 22 units of coursework to graduate.

The NDDPI has been putting more emphasis on the usefulness of learning a language other than English in high school. The state recently joined a national Seal of Biliteracy program, which honors students who learn a second language by placing a gold or silver seal on their high school diplomas.

Indigenous and World Language Content Standards for Public Review-Draft 2

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