State Teacher Shortage Loan Forgiveness Program


The 2019 North Dakota legislature voted to discontinue the state Teacher Shortage Loan Forgiveness Program (TSLFP). Participants in the current cohort will still receive loan forgiveness payments awarded to them until the 2022-2023 school year. 

While we are currently not accepting new applications for this program, the 2021 legislature has the opportunity to reinstate the program. Recently, the NDDPI partnered with the North Dakota University System to create an evaluation of the TSLFP to present to the interim education legislative committee. This evaluation will evolve and become more robust as more data on the TSLFP becomes available. 

The state TSLFP was originally designed to help North Dakota school districts recruit and retain qualified teachers. The program provides for the opportunity for school districts to apply for vacant positions or positions that have already been filled by contracted teachers in critical need or shortage areas in which teachers hired may receive loan forgiveness. Teachers who are contracted and fill the approved positions may receive teacher loan forgiveness. This program reduced loan indebtedness for individuals teaching in North Dakota at grade levels, content areas, and geographical locations identified by the Superintendent of Public Instruction as having a teacher shortage or critical need. 

Contact the Office of School Approval & Opportunity at (701) 328-2755 for additional information.