The National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) is a non-profit organization based in Dallas, TX, which was launched in 2007.  The mission of this organization is to improve student performance in the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in the United States.  NMSI works at the school-system level to better prepare students to take rigorous college courses in mathematics and science so they are equipped for careers in STEM related fields. 

College Readiness Program (CRP)

The College Readiness Program empowers sustainable changes at the school system level to better prepare students for college and beyond.  This program provides schools with the support to boost teacher effectiveness and student performance in rigorous AP coursework in mathematics, computer science, science, and English. This program provides support for teachers through pacing guides, hands-on training, vertical teaming strategies, and small-group support. Teachers in the schools gain access to NMSI-led, online peer communities in their subject area from across the country. Students in CRP programs have access to live and on demand study supports and resources aligned to their AP courses. 

Since 2016-2017, 36 North Dakota high schools have partnered with NMSI for the CRP. In the 2018-2019 cohort of traditional CRP schools, the 16 NMSI schools accounted for 80% of the state’s math, science, and English qualifying AP scores while representing 9.7% of the state’s high schools. The partnership with NMSI has opened access for more North Dakota students from across the state to enroll in AP courses and see success. 

Schools involved in the CRP cohort benefit from the following opportunities:

  • Teacher professional development for AP mathematics, science, computer science and English teachers
  • Teacher professional development for grades 6-12 mathematics, science, and English teachers
  • Course supplies for AP courses
  • Student study session support for AP courses
  • Access AP courses for students that do not have an on-campus AP teacher

The NDDPI plans to continue the partnership with NMSI to increase opportunities for students to take AP coursework. The NDDPI and NMSI are currently seeking schools to participate in a new CRP cohort. Webinars were conducted in March to inform schools about the CRP program.  If you are interested in bringing the CRP to your school, a recording of the webinar is available for viewing. Schools interested in participating or viewing the webinar should contact the Office of Academic Support

Laying the Foundation

Laying the Foundation is a professional learning program of the National Math + Science Initiative (NMSI). This expert educator led learning opportunity provides teachers for grades 3-12 assistance building and maintaining subject matter expertise, enhancing leadership of diverse classrooms, and preparing students to be creative problem solvers. LTF provides hands-on training, vertical teaming strategies, small group support, and classroom resources.

Summer Training Opportunities

2021 Content Workshops

NMSI's content Workshops are content-intensive two-day learning experiences occurring either June 22-23 or August 3-4. Teachers observe experts model exemplar lessons in action and are supported in preparing classroom activities for their own contexts with an emphasis on cultural responsiveness. Participants are awarded 13 training hours. 

As with all NMSI Professional Development, these sessions are centered around the goal of helping teachers build capacity in content knowledge, assessment and data analysis, instructional strategies, students’ understanding, and equity and inclusion. 

2021 Summer Series

NMSI's Summer Series is a two-week online learning conference that occurs from July 12-July 23. Participants experience a variety of session types designed to prepare teachers for the upcoming school year. Summer Series will: 

  • focus on deep content learning and pedagogical best practices in the discipline 
  • allow for significant learning choices for each participant 
  • leverage the power of online learning to provide teachers time to process, reflect, and collaborate 
  • utilize LMS-based learning to access specialized content support and experts, and 
  • build educator understanding of the power of culturally responsive education.  

Additional Details about NMSI’s Teacher Training Events will provide more information about the summer training sessions.