Principal and Teacher Evaluation System Support (PTESS)


The State of North Dakota ensures that every teacher is highly qualified through the state’s teacher licensure provisions. State administrative rules require teachers to be supervised by qualified principals. The state and local school districts place broad supervisory, leadership, and management responsibilities with principals to ensure the proper administration of their appointed schools. North Dakota Century Code (15.1-15) specifies that every public school district shall conduct an appropriate evaluation for each public school principal. Principal performance evaluations provide for the continual improvement of a principal’s overall performance and may be used to inform personnel decisions.

It has been the practice among North Dakota public schools to administer locally defined principal performance evaluation efforts. This practice has produced a wide variety of principal performance evaluations, which include various reference standards, recording metrics, and narrative formats. The variety of evaluation models has not allowed for a common means of uniformly recording or compiling principal evaluation results in terms of common professional standards or performance levels.

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