Administrative and Instructional Personnel

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Each year the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction collects information concerning personnel employed in North Dakota public elementary and secondary schools. The information presented in this publication is based on the Licensed Personnel Records and the Nonlicensed Personnel Reports from public schools that were collected at the start of the school year.

The information contained herein concerns the level of education, professional experience, age, college or university attended, and average annual salaries by major assignment for full-time licensed personnel. The salary reported is to be the salary received for instructional purposes only and should not include payments for extracurricular activities. With the exception of Table 5 licensed personnel employed less than full time and less than 180 days by school districts are not included in the calculations. Table 5 contains degree information for full- and part-time public school personnel.

Table 15-A shows average annual salaries DPI has reported to the National Education Association using their definitions. These definitions are included in the table.

In addition to the statewide summaries contained in Tables 1-15, sets of data are presented on both a statewide and a regional basis for full-time licensed personnel employed with public school districts, special education units and vocational education centers. These sets contain summaries by position; gender, experience and salary; degree information; age; and type of license. Another table contains a statewide summary of personnel by race. Because of incomplete data, in some cases the totals from one section to another section do not agree.

Tables 53 and 54 contain the hourly salaries paid nonlicensed personnel employed by public schools. The data is presented for those employees employed nine months or more and for those employed less than nine months.

The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, handicap, or national origin. For more information about this publication, please call 701-328-2268.