Microsoft Outlook School Contact List

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Microsoft Outlook School Contact List Download

Instructions for Outlook

  1. Download the import file
  2. Open Microsoft Outlook
  3. Select your contacts folder. To separate this information from your existing contact data we recommend that you create a new contact folder. To do this from the File Menu select New, then Folder. Enter the name (ie. Education Directory). If Contact Items is not listed in the folder contains area please select it. You can direct where the folder is placed. By default it will be placed under your regular contacts folder. Select OK. If you would like a shortcut placed on your Outlook Bar respond "Yes" otherwise select "No".
  4. From the file menu select Import. Choose Import from Another Program or File and select Next.
  5. In the Select file type to import from dialog box choose Comma Separated Values (Windows) and select Next.
  6. Browse for the file downloaded in step 1. Once found select Next.
  7. In the Select Destination folder dialog box choose the folder created in step 3. Select Next.
  8. Select Finish

Note: Individuals may be listed multiple times since many individuals hold more than one position. Each position held by an individual can and often times do have different contact information.