COVID-19 FTP Non-Public Schools FAQ


Q. What responsibilities do districts have to provide equitable services to nonpublic school students during the COVID-19 closure?

A. Districts with private schools participating in federal Title programs should include in their distance learning plan consultation with nonpublic school officials and how services will be delivered using distance learning.

Q. Will private schools be able to carryover unused funds as a result of COVID-19?

A. If a district is providing equitable services as required and meeting the obligation of funds requirement in ESEA section 1117(a)(4)(B), it generally should not have any, and certainly not significant, carryover. The ESEA, however, does not prohibit carryover of funds for equitable services and, in most cases, requires it.

After consultation with private school officials, the district must use the funds to provide equitable services to eligible students in the participating private schools the following year for the federal Title program in which funds were obligated. If, after consultation, those private school officials decline such services, the district must add the funds to the proportional share available for equitable services to other participating private schools. If there are no other participating private schools, the funds may then be used to provide services in public schools.