COVID-19 Child Nutrition

Implementation Guidance
  • Ensure all the students’ nutritional needs are addressed. This includes students with allergies and other food restrictions. Make sure to mark the food appropriately.
  • Create multiple geographically located food distribution centers where necessary. Students are not allowed to eat inside the school.
  • Ensure all necessary personnel are stationed to maximize student and staff safety and all distribution sites are supervised.
  • Explore distribution strategies to avoid large gatherings of people and make social distancing possible.
  • Students can receive two meals a day (one breakfast, one lunch, or one snack in any combination). Both meals can be distributed at once either via pick-up, drive-up or delivery.
  • Only parent/guardians/students themselves may pick up food. Children do not need to be accompanied by an adult to receive food.
  • Allow ample and reasonable amount of time for meal pick-up for each meal service, recognizing families may be experiencing challenges during this time.
  • Use multiple modes of communication to inform students and families of available food service, including time, location, and method of distribution.
  •  Consider multiple methods of distribution, such as drive up; walk up; satellite locations, such as libraries, churches, park districts, and youth centers; home delivery via bus routes; and other options.
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