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Name Unit Function Phone # E-Mail Address
Anderson, Melissa Child Nutrition, Food Distribution Programs Manager 701-328-2263 mdanderson@nd.gov
Arnold, Lodee A. Office of Indian/Multicultural Education Assistant Director
EL Programs
701-328-1876 laarnold@nd.gov
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Baesler, Kirsten K. Schedule an appointment with Supt. Baesler, contact Patty Carmichael 701-328-3264 pcarmichael@nd.gov
Bakken, Valerie L. Special Education, Education Regional Coordinator II 701-328-2720 vbakken@nd.gov
Bauer, Robert G. Assessment, Director, Primary/Secondary Education Programs 701-328-2224 rgbauer@nd.gov
Bauman, Cami R. Office Assistant/Receptionist,
Assessment & Outreach & Engagement
701-328-4572 crbauman@nd.gov
Blackwood, Kara Federal Title Programs, Administrative Staff Officer
Schoolwide Programs and Homeless
701-328-2824 kblackwood@nd.gov
Bucholz, Brian M. Fiscal Management, Administrative Assistant I 701-328-3265 bbucholz@nd.gov
Burke, Nancy Jo Special Education,
State Personnel Development Grant Coordinator
701-328-3731 njoburke@nd.gov
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Carmichael, Patty Executive Assistant for State Superintendent Baesler & 
Fall Conference Coordinator
701-328-3264 pcarmichael@nd.gov
Carlson, Gregory Institutional Researcher, Special Projects -- project lead and implementer for special projects for NDDPI contracted through NDUS Institutional Research Office 701-328-2017  
Chase, Ann Child Nutrition, Grant Manager 701-328-1028 agchase@nd.gov

Christman, Robert J. (Bob)

Chief of Staff 701-328-1240 rchristman@nd.gov
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Dietrich, Roxie Management Information Systems 701-328-3231 rdietrich@nd.gov
Dietz, Kathy Fiscal Management,
Maintenance/Office Assistant II
701-328-3741 kathydietz@nd.gov
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Eberhardt, Becky Head Start/Early Head Start Collaboration, Administrator 701-328-1640 raeberhardt@nd.gov
Egeland, Deb Child Nutrition, Assistant Director 701-328-3718 degeland@nd.gov
Egge, Scott Child Nutrition,
Administrative Staff Officer II
701-328-2319 segge@nd.gov
Eisenbeis, LaDawn R. Special Education, Administrative Assistant I 701-328-2277 lreisenbeis@nd.gov
Ellefson, Ann Director
Office of Academic Support
701-328-2488 aellefson@nd.gov
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Fischer, Valerie Safe & Healthy Schools and Adult Education, Director 701-328-4138 vfischer@nd.gov
Fredericks, Lucy K. Director 
Office of Indian/Multicultural Education
701-328-1718 lkfredericks@nd.gov
Frohlich, Jill M. Office of Indian Multicultural /Education Administrative Staff Officer
ELL, Migrant, Indian Education
701-328-2254 jmfrohlich@nd.gov
Fuhrer, Tara Director
Office of Early Learning
701-328-4646 trfuhrer@nd.gov
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Gerenz, Susan M. Special Education,  Regional Coordinator II (Autism) 701-328-4564 sgerenz@nd.gov
Gibbins, Linda Human Resources, Human Resource Technician 701-328-2262 lgibbins@nd.gov
Gratz, Jane Academic Support, Administrative Staff Officer
Title II Fiscal Officer
Paraprofessional Certificates
Gray, Thomas Management Information Systems, Programming 701-328-2371 thgray@nd.gov
Greff, Shauna F Federal Title Programs,
Program Manager
701-328-2958 sfgreff@nd.gov
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Harmsen, Carol School Approval & Opportunity, Administrative Assistant 701-328-2266 charmsen@nd.gov
Howes, Kelsie School Approval & Opportunity, Administrative Assistant 701-328-4571 kehowes@nd.gov
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Knudson, Kaye Child Nutrition, Education Program Administrator III/SNP Manager 701-328-2275 ksknudson@nd.gov
Kolosky, Josef (Joe) J. School Approval and Opportunity, Assistant Director 701-328-2295 jkolosky@nd.gov
Koster, Tara M. Child Nutrition and Food Distribution Unit,
Food Distribution Specialist
701-328-3210 tkoster@nd.gov
Kramer, Susan Fiscal Management, Account Budget Specialist 701-328-2272 sbkramer@nd.gov
Krous, Jamie Management Information Systems, Programming 701-328-3235 jkrous@nd.gov
Kugel, Lea A. Special Education,
Regional Coordinator II
701-328-4561 lkugel@nd.gov
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Laber, Cyndy School Finance, School Organization & Special Projects, Administrative Assistant III 701-328-2283 cylaber@nd.gov
LaFavor, Robert (Bob) Management Information Systems, Networking 701-328-2009 rlafavor@nd.gov
Lang, Robin Safe and Healthy Schools, Assistant Director 701-328-2265 roclang@nd.gov
Larson-Steckler, Elizabeth (Beth) A. Federal Title Programs,
Program Administrator
Title II Part B
701-328-3544 esteckler@nd.gov
Laubach, Patricia Assessment, Program Administrator 701-328-4525 plaubach@nd.gov
Lee, Lisa Human Resources, Grants/Contracts Officer 701-328-2174 ljlee@nd.gov
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Marback, Gwyn K. Assessment, NAEP State Coordinator 701-328-4518 gkmarback@nd.gov
Marcellais, Jolli Adult Education, Administrative Staff Officer I 701-328-2393 jmarcellais@nd.gov
Marthaller, Bob Assistant Superintendent 701-328-2267 rvmarthaller@nd.gov
Matzke, Laurie Federal Title Programs, Director 701-328-2284 lmatzke@nd.gov
Mayer, Kay Outreach and Engagement, Director 701-328-3216 kmayer@nd.gov
Mayer, Tammy Special Education,
Assistant Director
North Dakota Alternate Assessment
701-328-1518 tmmayer@nd.gov
McCarvel-O’Connor, Mary K. Special Education, Assistant Director 701-328-4560 moconnor@nd.gov
McDonough, Kevin C. Special Education, Regional Coordinator II 701-328-2536 kcmcdonough@nd.gov
Mensah, Emmanuel Special Education,
Data Coordinator
701-328-3426 emensah@nd.gov
Mertz, Jamie D. Fiscal Management, Director 701-328-2176 jdmertz@nd.gov
Miller, Dorice Management Information Systems, Assistant Director, Programming 701-328-2395 ddmiller@nd.gov
Miller, Stephanie Child Nutrition and Food Distribution Unit, Education Program Administrator 701-426-5678 snmiller@nd.gov
Mittleider, Karla School Approval & Opportunity, Administrative Assistant 701-328-2597 kjmittleider@nd.gov
Morowski, Stacie Child Nutrition, Education Program Administrator III/CACFP Manager (Mayville) 701-788-8901 smorowski@nd.gov
Muth, Stefanie Fiscal Management,
Account/Budget Specialist I
701-328-2117 sdmuth@nd.gov
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Nord, Lauri Federal Title Programs, Program Administrator 701-328-2282 lnord@nd.gov
Nunn, Jami Child Nutrition, Education Program Administrator II (Mayville) (701) 788-8991 jnunn@nd.gov
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Olson, Melissa Special Education, Regional Coordinator II (701) 328-2714 melissaolson@nd.gov
Oster, Joseph (Joe) J. Child Nutrition, Education Program Administrator II 701-328-3237 jjoster@nd.gov
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Peterson, Sandy Federal Title Programs,
Program Administrator
Migrant Education Program, Title I Credentials
701-328-2170 smpeterson@nd.gov
Pilon, Deb Safe & Healthy Schools, Administrative Staff Officer 701-328-2753 dpilon@nd.gov
Poffenberger, Stacey J. Management Information Systems,
Computer & Network Specialist I
701-328-2641 sjpoffenberger@nd.gov
Pollert, Rebecca L. Fiscal Management,
Assistant Director
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Richardson, Amanda L. Fiscal Management, Administrative Assistant 701-328-2735 alrichardson@nd.gov
Roemmich, Ross Management Information Systems, Director 701-328-2189 rkroemmich@nd.gov
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Sayler, Sherry Management Information Systems, Administrative Assistant 701-328-2268 ssayler@nd.gov
Schauer, Gail School Approval & Opportunity, Director 701-328-2755 gschauer@nd.gov
Schauer, Stanley E. Adult Education, Assistant Director 701-328-2271 seschauer@nd.gov 
Schirado, Kate Safe & Healthy Schools, Program Administrator 701-328-2098 kmschirado@nd.gov
Schloer, Linda Child Nutrition, Director 701-328-4565 lkschloer@nd.gov
Schmaltz, Addy Human Resources, Manager 701-328-3298 aschmaltz@nd.gov
Schneider, Colleen Special Education, Administrative Assistant 701-328-3217 cischneider@nd.gov
Scherbenske, Matthew G. Academic Support,
Assistant Director
701-328-2629 mscherbenske@nd.gov
Siirtola, Tonya M. Child Nutrition Specialist 701-328-2732 tmsiirtola@nd.gov
Souther, Michelle Special Education, Administrative Staff Officer 701-328-2652 msouther@nd.gov
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Teevens, Gerry Special Education, Director 701-328-2692 gteevens@nd.gov
Tescher, Adam J. School Finance & Organization, Director 701-328-3291 atescher@nd.gov
Thomas, Angela Office of Early Learning, Administrative Staff Officer 701-328-2317 afthomas@nd.gov
Thueson, Lynell L. Child Nutrition,
Administrative Assistant II
701-328-2294 lthueson@nd.gov
Two Crow, Stefanie Federal Title, Director 701-328-2287 stwocrow@nd.gov
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Upgren, Jim School Approval & Opportunity
Assistant Director
701-328-2244 jimupgren@nd.gov
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Vega, Kim Fiscal Management, Education Grant Manager 701-328-2175 kvega@nd.gov
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Wagner, Peg Academic Support, Assistant Director
Electronic Course Definery, REAs
701-328-3545 pswagner@nd.gov
Weisz, Bonnie B. Assessment, Assistant Director 701-328-1838 bweisz@nd.gov
Wetzel, Dale Outreach and Engagement, Public Information Specialist 701-328-2247 dewetzel@nd.gov
Williams, Don School Finance, Administrative Staff Officer III 701-328-2236 dmwilliams@nd.gov
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