2015-2016 Student Cabinet Members

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Twenty North Dakota young people have been chosen as the first members of a Student Cabinet that will offer Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler their opinions and advice about educational opportunities and policy.
  • Bryer Samuelson, a fourth grader at Sunnyside Elementary, Minot
  • Ethan Wood, a fourth grader at Lincoln Elementary, Lincoln
  • Delaney Vilhauer, a fifth grader at Rita Murphy Elementary, Bismarck
  • Molly Farstveet, a sixth grader at Lincoln Elementary, Beach
  • Grace Vetter, a sixth grader at Cathedral Grade School, Bismarck
  • Skyler Strand, a seventh grader at Wachter Middle School, Bismarck
  • Isaac King, a seventh grader at Horizon Middle School, Bismarck
  • Maggie Oberlander, an eighth grader at Valley City Junior/Senior High School, Valley City
  • Sophie Lind, an eighth grader at Mandan Middle School, Mandan
  • Thomas Iken, an eighth grader at Wachter Middle School, Bismarck
  • Hannah Iron Eyes, a ninth grader at Century High School, Bismarck
  • Francie Shaft, a ninth grader at Red River High School, Grand Forks
  • Lynna Ngo, a 10th grader at South High School, Fargo
  • Dawson Schefter, a 10th grader at Langdon Area High School, Langdon
  • Peyton Cole, an 11th grader at Park River Area High School, Park River
  • Cole Garman, an 11th grader at Mandan High School, Mandan
  • Madelyn Jean, an 11th grader at Hankinson Public School, Hankinson
  • Collin Poolman, an 11th grader at Century High School, Bismarck
  • Philip Meidinger, an 11th grader at Kenmare Public School, Kenmare
  • Lindsey Pouliot, a 12th grader at Beulah High School, Beulah