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The Superintendent of Public Instruction provides advice and assistance for school districts in interpreting and complying with state and federal laws and regulations that affect public education. The superintendent drafts and communicates state education policy, and works to increase educational opportunity.

The superintendent’s duties include oversight of elementary and secondary education, school approval, development of content standards, and assessments of student progress. The superintendent regulates the credentialing of administrators, counselors and other education specialists.  She is in charge of implementing a uniform system for accounting, budgeting and reporting of school district data, and for publishing annual reports on school finance and employee compensation.

In addition to the Department of Public Instruction, the superintendent oversees the State Library, the North Dakota School for the Deaf/Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Devils Lake, and North Dakota Vision Services/School for the Blind in Grand Forks.

The superintendent is a member of numerous state boards, including the Board of University & School Lands, the Teachers’ Fund for Retirement, the Education Standards and Practices Board, the Board for Career and Technical Education, and the state Educational Technology Council.

The superintendent is also a member of the board of directors for the North Dakota High School Activities Association and a member of the nominating committee for the Board of Higher Education.


All students will graduate choice ready with the knowledge, skills and disposition to be successful in whatever they choose to do, whether they pursue a post-secondary degree, enroll in a technical college, enter the workforce or join the military.


NDDPI will partner with schools and communities to provide a statewide system of excellent service and support to ensure a healthy school environment that fosters student success

Agency Priorities

  • Provide customer service and support
  • Attract and retain quality staff
  • Support school climate and academics
  • Provide effective communication
  • Provide high quality professional development and technical assistance
  • Engage in collaborative data driven decision making

Other Information

Notice of Nondiscrimination
North Dakota Department of Public Instruction

The NDDPI seeks to ensure a work environment free of discrimination, intimidation, coercion, or retaliation. The state of North Dakota and this hiring agency do not discriminate on the basis of an applicant’s or an employee’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, genetics, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, status with regard to marriage or public assistance, political opinions or affiliations, or participation in lawful activity off the employer’s premises during non-working hours that is not in direct conflict with the essential business related interests of the employer. For inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies, contact Robert Marthaller, Assistant Superintendent, Department of Public Instruction, 600 East Boulevard Avenue, Dept. 201, Bismarck, ND 58505-0440, phone: 701-328-2267.

Statement of Non-Endorsement

Local public school districts decide which curriculum, materials, and resources to use. The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction does not require or endorse specific curriculum, materials, or resources, and state law does not mandate specific textbooks, online platforms, or curriculum.

Entities wishing to contact our North Dakota educational agencies to share their information are encouraged to consult our North Dakota Education Directory.

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