Fiscal Management Staff

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Jamie Mertz, Director - 701-328-2176
Rebecca Pollert, Assistant Director - 701-328-2615
Ann Chase, Education Grant Manager - 701-328-1028
Kim Vega, Education Grant Manager - 701-328-2175
Lisa Lee, Grants/Contracts Officer - 701-328-2174
Susan Kramer, Account Budget Specialist - 701-328-2272
Brian Bucholz, Administrative Staff Officer - 701-328-3265
Stefanie Muth, Account Budget Specialist - 701-328-2117
Amanda Richardson, Administrative Assistant - 701-328-2735
Kathy Dietz, Office Assistant - 701-328-3741

Fax number: 701-328-0202

The Fiscal Management Unit is responsible for the preparation and monitoring of the Department’s budget.  In addition, Fiscal staff are also responsible for maintaining the internal accounting system; processing payments and collecting deposits; preparation of financial reports; federal grants management; Department procurement; and the coordination of the
A-133 audit process.