Science Assessment Training

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Review the following sections of the Science Test Coordinator’s Manual (TCM) for training on the Science NDSA:

School and District Test Coordinators:
Review the entire TCM

Test Administrators:
Review the following sections of the TCM
  • Important Telephone Numbers and Web Sites
  • Test Security and Confidentiality
  • Cell Phones and Other Recording and Transmitting Devices
  • Coordination of School District Testing
  • Rules for Invalidation
  • Step 4: Complete the Student Test Book Cover
  • Step 5: Administer the North Dakota State Science Assessment
  • Step 6: Collect and Check Test Books
  • Appendix A: Preparation for Testing
  • Appendix B: Usability, Accessibility, and Accommodations
  • Appendix C: School District Accountability for Secure Testing Materials
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