ACT Proficiency Levels

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NDDPI recently conducted an ACT standard setting workshop, facilitated by EdMetric. A group of secondary and postsecondary educators worked to determine proficiency levels for English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. To assist in this process, the Achievement Level Descriptors and predetermined cut scores from the NDSA were considered, as were the current ACT Benchmarks and North Dakota University Systems (NDUS) ACT Placement Level Scores. Additionally, ACT impact data, NDUS remedial information, and other ACT research and data were used by educators in making an informed decision. Superintendent Baesler has approved the proposed cut scores for ACT.

The approved ACT cut scores will be used for determining proficiency for those districts using the assessment for accountability purposes. Below are the approved ACT Proficiency Levels.

*ACT's ELA score is a combination of the ACT English, Reading, and Writing scores.