Jan-Feb-March 2016

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Northern Plains
Law Conference on Students with Disabilities

Thank You!
Kevin McDonough, Regional Coordinator

A special THANK YOU, to all North Dakota educators, parents and community members for participation in the new special education improvement planning process.  You have effectively used a new planning model to determine goals, strategies and activities that will implement and sustain instructional practices for students with behavioral, social/emotional, social communication and mental health needs.  Local special education units are now planning professional development activities for summer 2016, and throughout the 2016-17 school year.   Schools are using the AdvancED system tools to add the goals to their continuous improvement plans and document compliance with the new school approval requirement.  A written summary that briefly outlines the operations of the special education unit, the member schools and the results of data collection and analysis is also uploaded and becomes available to the public.  For technical assistance regarding these uploads, please contact the NDDPI, Special Education office.