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Driver's Training Reports- In addition to CDL and licensing requirements to acquire a bus driver's license, all regular, substitute, and activity bus drivers are required by NDDPI to attend the following training programs: 
  • Annual training workshop sponsored by the local school district or county superintendent's office
  • DD‑4 workshop every five years.  New drivers must attend within one year of employment
  • Other meetings/training called by the transportation director
A School Bus/Vehicle Driver Training Workshop Plan must be submitted to NDDPI by August 15

Within a month of completing the training, the information from the School Bus/Vehicle Driver Registration should be recorded in the District's PER02 report in STARS for that driver. If training was attended somewhere other than the driver's own District, the driver should be given a copy of the training registration to bring back to their District to be entered into STARS.

STARS Transportation Report- This is the report that determines your State reimbursement and is driven by Rides and Miles. It is comprised of two major components:
  • Vehicle Inventory- List of all school district vehicles and vehicle information
  • Route- Must have a vehicle assigned, and route information
Tips for accurate reporting:
  • Total Annual Runs is how many 'morning and afternoon' runs were made during the school year. Should be the number of school days (175 X 2 = 350) minus any days in which buses may have not made a run.
  • Total Annual Rides should be comprised of accurate daily headcount of riders (both morning and afternoon run) and not a calculation.
  • Family to School routes should be recorded similar to bus routes.
Accurate and timely submission is crucial. Deadline is June 30th.