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Driver's Training Reports- In addition to CDL and licensing requirements to acquire a bus driver's license, all regular, substitute, and activity bus drivers are required by NDDPI to attend the following training programs: 
  • Annual training workshop sponsored by the local school district or county superintendent's office
  • DD‑4 workshop every five years.  New drivers must attend within one year of employment
  • Other meetings/training called by the transportation director
A School Bus/Vehicle Driver Training Workshop Plan must be submitted to NDDPI by August 15

Within a month of completing training a School bus/Vehicle Driver Registration must be submitted for all district driver's.

STARS Transportation Report- This is the report that determines your State reimbursement and is driven by Rides and Miles. It is comprised of two major components:
  • Vehicle Inventory- List of all school district vehicles and vehicle information
  • Route- Must have a vehicle assigned, and route information
Tips for accurate reporting:
  • Total Annual Runs is how many 'morning and afternoon' runs were made during the school year. Should be the number of school days (175 X 2 = 350) minus any days in which buses may have not made a run.
  • Total Annual Rides should be comprised of accurate daily headcount of riders (both morning and afternoon run) and not a calculation.
  • Family to School routes should be recorded similar to bus routes.
Accurate and timely submission is crucial. Deadline is June 30th.