Project Approval

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General Authority: NDCC15.1-36-01
Projects costing $150,000 or more must obtain NDDPI approval (SFN 52304). NDDPI may not approve any new construction or remodeling construction unless the school district demonstrates:
  1. Need for the project
  2. Educational utility of the project
  3. Potential use of the project by a future reorganized school district
  4. Capacity to pay for the project
  5. (a) Demonstrates student population has been stable or increased during the past five years and projects that student population will be stable or will increase during the ensuing five years, or (b) Demonstrates by clear and convincing evidence that despite declining enrollment, there are no feasible alternatives to the proposed project
Facility Plan (SFN 52813) required for projects costing $350,000 or more. Facility plan should be clear, concise, complete, and accurate as it acts as the justifying document for project approval.