NDDPI Construction Loan Program

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General Authority: NDCC15.1-36-01 Current Program Authority: SB2178
The 2015 Legislative Session brought several changes to NDDPI's School Construction Loan Program.

     Elements that did NOT change (NDCC 15.1-36):
  • Still need NDDPI project approval
  • Loan Eligibility amount still based off Capital Construction Loan Worksheet, which determines if district is eligible for 70%, 80%, or 90% of project cost, based on district's taxable valuation
     Elements that DID change (SB 2178):
  • Tax effects on proposed project must be published prior to bond vote
  • Bond vote for proposed project must pass
  • 2% loans from Bank of North Dakota (BND)
  • Applications (SFN 52306) are accepted through April 1st, then prioritized based on:
    • Student occupancy and academic needs in the district
    • The age of existing structures to be replaced or remodeled
    • Building design proposals that are based on safety and vulnerability assessments
    • Community support
    • Cost
  • NDDPI prioritized list forwarded to BND
  • Additional application from BND required to be completed