Spring Report

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The Spring Enrollment Report documents:
  • Membership
  • Course Enrollment
  • Attendance Data
This report includes all the previous data from Fall Enrollment Report- demographics, district, plant, enrollment status, etc. Data is transferred from Power School the entire school year, and the following data gets added:
  • Membership data (days absent/present)
  • HS Units (minimum of 4 to be considered full-time)
  • Homeschool Data
  • Career Interest Inventory data
  • Course Enrollment
    • PK Special Ed
    • Alt Ed Students
    • CTE
    • Part-time Students
    • Parochial Students
Helpful Hints for easy 'On-Time' submittal:
  • Don't change Begin dates in Power School without consulting with Edutech. This causes duplications in STARS that need to be manually cleaned up
  • After Fall Report submittal, run a Validation Report monthly and correct the errors immediately. This will ensure that these errors don't 'pile-up' throughout the entire year. Also serves as an "early warning" system alerting you to possible Power School to STARS Automated File Transfer issues.
  • Learn the Export/Import data method for mass edits. Allows you to import .csv Excel documents, eliminating the need to go into each students records
  • Enter data such as: home school info, career interest inventories, course data...as soon as you know it
Accurate and timely submission is crucial. Deadline is June 30th.