STARS Enrollment Reporting

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STARS Enrollment Reports are our primary tool for collecting enrollment data from the school districts. The accuracy, completeness and timeliness of these reports, directly affects funding and many other decision-making factors. Below are the types of reports to be submitted, along with their submission deadlines.

Fall Report-                        September 15
Spring Report-                    June 30
Summer School Report-      September 1
For complete list of STARS Reports, we also have a page in our Data tab.

Click on our STARS Enrollment Reference Guide below, for answers and troubleshooting tips for your most common Enrollment Reporting issues.


Recently NDDPI and Edutech staff have made collaborative efforts to improve processes between STARS and PowerSchool. We strongly urge STARS and PowerSchool users within districts to do the same. Communication between the users of these two systems is imperative for accurate enrollment reporting.

Starting May 1st, 2016 STARS users should submit an Edutech Helpdesk Ticket for any issues concerning STARS or data not flowing from PowerSchool. Click below to link to EduTech Helpdesk.
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