Moments of Impact ND Video and Curriculum

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Moments of Impact ND Video and Curriculum
On October 29, 2011, five Mandan youth and longtime friends spent a night partying and drinking.  On their way home, the driver, who was drunk with a blood alcohol level three times in excess of the legal limit, crashed the car into a tree traveling over 85 mph, killing three of his buddies and seriously injuring himself and another passenger.  The accident resulted in a penitentiary sentence of eight years for the driver who caused the accident and subsequent deaths.  As these young men were well known and respected within the Bismarck-Mandan community, friends and agency partners collaborated funds and talents to tell the story in video format, in hopes of saving others. 

This very somber and cutting edge 30 minute video, “Moments of Impact”, can be shared with students, staff and parents as you so choose.  In cooperation with the North Dakota Safety Council, a curriculum guide has been developed to use with the video as a classroom supplement.  Any instructors with available internet access will be able to share the video with their students.  This video has been highly regarded as a parent and community presentation; the video has been regionally recognized for its excellence.  As this has some slight graphic references, please review before showing to middle school or younger audiences.

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