ND Department of Health Resources

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The Division of Disease Control has education available on a variety of infectious disease topics, some of these include:
 - HIV/Hepatitis (Blood-borne Pathogens)
 - Sexually Transmitted Diseases
 - Tuberculosis
 - Vaccine Preventable Diseases/Immunizations
 - West Nile Virus/Zika
 - Food-borne Illness
 - Infection Prevention

What's In a Presentation?
There are a number of presentations that are available online or for your use in the classroom at ndhealth.gov/disease/school

Some of the presentations include:
 - STDs 101:  Topics in Sexual Health and Sexuality Transmitted Diseases
 - Immunizations & Vaccine Safety
 - They Mostly Come Out at Night: Zoonotic Diseases
 - Infection Prevention

Epidemiologists in your region may be available to present information to your classroom.  Please contact the ND Department of Health, Division of Disease Control to schedule your speaker today.
Call:  1-800-472-2180
Email:   disease@nd.gov
Online:  www.ndhealth.gov/disease/school