Addressing the Health-Related Causes of Chronic Absenteeism

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Toolkit for Action
More than 6.5 million students nationwide were chronically absent (missed 10 percent or more of school days) in the 2013-14 academic year. Chronic absenteeism is a proven early warning sign of academic risk and school dropout. Under the new Every Student Succeeds Act, states are required to include chronic absenteeism on their state report cards.  As a result, it is important to provide states and districts with guidance on how to implement effective solutions.
That is why Healthy Schools Campaign has released a toolkit to assist school districts in understanding their student health needs, sharing best practices to address the most prevalent student health conditions and on how to build partnerships with others to support students, families and communities.

Addressing the Health-Related Causes of Chronic Absenteeism: A Toolkit for Action
This document focuses on preparing educators—particularly school district decision-makers—with knowledge and practical guidance for creating meaningful change to address health-related chronic absenteeism.