Newsletters and Publications

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The Division of Student Support & Innovation and the Office of Special Education publish a monthly newsletter, TEAM News, which is distributed to North Dakota educators and administrators. The TEAM News provides program guidance, tips, upcoming events, as well as current research based and best practice information. This newsletter is emailed monthly to over 1,000 North Dakota educators and contacts by request.

21st CCLC Newsletter
The 21st Century Community Learning Programs (21st CCLC) publishes a quarterly newsletter, the North Dakota AFTERSCHOOL Update, for its grantees.

North Dakota Homeless Education Program
The North Dakota Homeless Education Program (NDHEP) within the office of Federal Title Programs publishes a bimonthly newsletter. This newsletter provides updates on McKinney-Vento and other homeless related content, district homeless requirements, homeless liaison information and training opportunities, available grant funding, and more.

STEAM: Strategies that Engage All Minds Newsletter
The STEAM: Strategies that Engage All Minds newsletter is published every other month by the Office of Academic Support. The focus of the newsletter is to highlight best practices happening in the field as well as provide insight to opportunities throughout North Dakota.

To sign up for this publication, please register for NDDPI Smart Mail.

Research/Resources Report

The Division of Student Support & Innovation publishes a report, titled the Research/Resources Report (RRR), which summarizes newly released research and resources on educational issues relevant to North Dakota schools.