Title IV B: 21st Century Community Learning Centers

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The 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) Program is to establish or expand community learning centers that provide students with academic enrichment opportunities along with activities designed to complement the students’ regular academic program. Community learning centers must also offer families of these students’ literacy and related educational development. Centers – which can be located in public elementary or secondary schools or other similarly accessible facilities – provide a range of high-quality services to support student learning and development, including tutoring and mentoring, homework help, academic enrichment (such as hands-on science or technology programs), and community service opportunities, as well as music, arts, sports and cultural activities. Centers must provide academic enrichment activities to students that attend high-poverty or Title I schoolwide schools to help them meet state and local standards in core subjects especially reading, and mathematics. At the same time, centers help working parents by providing a safe environment for students when school is not in session.

A 21st CCLC program must be a local educational agency, community-based organization, another public or private entity, or a consortium of two or more of such agencies, organizations, or entities. The eligible entity will provide assurance that the proposed program was developed, and will be carried out, in active collaboration with the schools the students attend.

Eligible applicants are those who primarily serve students and the families of the students of high poverty schools or schools that are eligible for schoolwide Title I programs. The 21st CCLC Program must be located in public school facilities or in facilities that are at least as available and accessible to the students to be served as if the program were located in a public elementary, middle, or secondary school.

Applicants must demonstrate that they meet the statutory program requirements of serving students from schools eligible for schoolwide Title I programs or schools with 40% or greater poverty based upon free and reduced lunch as determined using verified information.

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