July-August-September 2016

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Declaring Professional Development Days with a School Calendar
The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) is inviting educational organizations to submit a formal request for professional development days to be declared for the 2016-2017 school year. The request must include which educators will be impacted, the impact this professional development will make statewide, and how it will impact educators and students.
ND Century Code 15.1-06-04.1
A school district may not schedule school-sponsored, school-directed, or school-related activities, including instructional time, during any day that the Superintendent of Public Instruction declares is in conflict with a professional development conference directed toward all teachers or all administrators and hosted by an educational organization in this state. The professional development days are limited to two days during a school year.
To formally request specific days be declared for professional development, educational organizations must complete and submit State Form Number (SFN) 61092 and submit by October 1, 2016. The NDDPI will announce the selected professional development days in December.
If you have any questions, please contact Gail Schauer, Director in the Office of Teacher and School Effectiveness, at (701) 328-2755.

Education Leadership and Counseling Continuing Education Grants Available
Going back to school? If you are pursuing master level degrees in educational leadership or if you are pursuing a school counseling credential, continuing Education Grants are available through the Department of Public Instruction. All eligible recipients must:
  1. Be licensed to teach by the education standards and practices board;
  2. Have taught in North Dakota during each of the last three school years; and
  3. Be enrolled in an institution of higher education in North Dakota in either a master of education program in educational leadership or a program leading to a specialist diploma in educational leadership: or
  4. Be pursuing a school counselor credential
If you’re interested, complete the Application for Continuing Education Grants and return to the Office of Teacher and School Effectiveness. For more information please visit Continuing Education Grants or contact Gwyn Marback at (701) 328-2295.

Credentials - No Longer Printed and Mailed Out
The NDDPI processes and issues several credentials: principal, superintendent, counselors, library media specialists, and Title I Reading/Math credentials. When awarding credentials, NDDPI printed and mailed out these credentials. However, starting in September 2016, NDDPI will be changing this process and will no longer be printing and mailing certificates.
Once individuals apply and are approved for a credential, they will receive an email with a letter of congratulations and a PDF of the certificate. The letter will announce the specific credential approved with the expiration date and direction to renew the credential. The credential can be printed off from the PDF on the email or through NDTEACH.

Schools Honored for 100 years of Accreditation
A long and distinguished accreditation history is alive and well within our North Dakota schools.  Did you know the first North Dakota schools, Central High School in Grand forks and South High School in Fargo, were first accredited in 1907?  Many of our schools have followed the path of accreditation and as of April 2016 fourteen schools have been awarded 100 years of continuous accreditation through North Central Accreditation or what is now known as AdvancED.

Congratulations to the following schools for your dedication in providing continuous school improvement leading to AdvancED accreditation:
  • Central High School - Grand Forks (April 1907)
  • South High School - Fargo (April 1907)
  • Devils Lake High School (April 1908)
  • Jamestown High School (April 1908)
  • Central Elementary - Wahpeton (April 1910)
  • Wahpeton Middle School (April 1910)
  • Wahpeton High School (April 1910)
  • Mandan High School (April 1910)
  • Valley City Jr-Sr High (April 1910)
  • Bismarck High School (April 1912)
  • Larimore High School (April 1912)
  • Lisbon High School (April 1912)
  • Williston High School (April 1912)
  • Rugby High School (April 1915)            
We would also like to note the following information for continuous number of years of accreditation in North Dakota Schools:
  • Eight schools have accomplished 95 years of continuous AdvancED accreditation
  • Eight schools have 75 years of continuous AdvancED accreditation
  • Four have 50 years of continuous AdvancED accreditation  
  • Forty-seven schools have 25 years of continuous accreditation with AdvancED.
The NDDPI recognizes and extends appreciation to all our North Dakota schools for their hard work dedication to continuous school improvement.

Updates from the Office of Teacher and School Effectiveness
Exciting Initiatives!
Two initiatives within the Office of Teacher and School Effectiveness are gaining momentum. The first is on Competency-Based Education. Competency-Based Education (CBE) is a system where students advance to higher levels of learning after demonstrating a mastery of concepts and skills. Students pass from one level to another based on mastery of skills rather than time spent in a classroom. A one-hour CBE webinar was held on June 27, 2016 providing an overview. A one-day training on CBE is planned for August 15, 2016 for school teams that would like to pilot a CBE model. If your school is interested in attending, fill out and submit the registration form.
The Achieve Student Assessment Inventory is an initiative to assist schools/districts in streamlining their assessments. There has been a lot of discussion that there is too much testing in our schools. The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) is offering schools a structured, comprehensive way of addressing those issues. A webinar was held and recorded on July 19, 2016, hosted by NDDPI, explaining this initiative. Schools interested in participating are invited to apply to be selected as a pilot site and implement the Students Assessment Inventory for School Districts tool. Selected districts will attend a one-day, in-depth secondary training (date to be determined) which will cover additional details in understanding how to implement the inventory tool. The NDDPI has funds to assist in this endeavor (i.e.., to cover stipends, travel expenses for training).
If you have any questions, please contact Gail Schauer, Director in the Office of Teacher and School Effectiveness, at (701) 328-2755.
Along with the new school year comes all those reports that must be filled out and submitted. Here’s a reminder for a few of these reports.
STARS Reports:
  • Local Education Agency Directory (MIS01) – due September 8
  • School Directory (MIS02) – due September 8
  • Fall School Calendar – due September 15
  • Local Education Agency Fall Report (MIS01) -  due September 15
  • School Fall Report (MIS02) – due September 15
  • Licensed Personnel Report (MIS03) – due September 18
  • Non-licensed Personnel Report (PER02) – due September 18
  • Annual Compliance Report – due October 1
AdvancED Report found in the ASSIST tool:
  • AdvancED Assurances – due October 1
If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Carol Harmsen at (701) 328-2266 or Karla Mittleider (701) 328-2597.

Change in MIS03 Reporting
As districts begin filling out the MIS03, they will notice a change in the STARS system - there is now a place to enter teacher email addresses. Originally, the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction planned to have this as an optional field but after visiting with other inter- and intra-state agencies, the decision was made to make this field required and must be completed prior to submitting the report. We understand this creates additional work for districts, however, these emails will be used to connect teachers to targeted information relevant to their field.