Nonpublic School Criminal History Record Checks

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The North Dakota Buearu of Criminal Investigation has informed the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) that NDDPI is NO longer able to provide copies of the federal OR state criminal history record check to nonpublic schools. The NDDPI is only allowed to indicate that there is a "hit" on the record check as indicated by the offenses checked on the nonpublic school's Offense Cross Reference List. The subject of the record check is able to obtain a copy of the report(s), in person, at NDDPI. 

Nonpublic schools requesting either federal and/or state criminal background checks should complete the Criminal History Record Check Requset Pursuant to NDCC 12-60-24 (SFN 60688). Please: 
  1. Inset the school name in the "Comments/Miscellaneous" box in the "TO BE COMPLETED BY AGENCY" section; 
  2. Check the box in front of the Criminal History Record Check the nonpublic school is requesting in the "AGENCY USE ONLY" section; 
  3. Have the subject of the record check complete all boxes in the "TO BE COMPLETED BY SUBJECT OF THE RECORD CHECK" section, sign, and date. 
Send this form, along with a check made out to the Attorney General's office, two original or one electronic fingerprint card(s), and the Offense Cross Reference List for Background Review for Nonpublic Schools (SFN 58971), if not already submitted, to" School Approval & Opportunity, ND Department of Public Instruction, 600 E. Boulevard Ave., Bismarck, ND 58505-0440.

Laws and Regulations Supporting Documents
Public schools can access criminal history record check information on the North Dakota Attorney General website.

Nonpublic schools can contact Angie Thomas, Administrative Staff Officer at (701) 328-2597 for additional information.