The Cutting Ed

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 When filmmaker Ted Dintersmith first visited the state of North Dakota to promote his award-winning documentary, "Most Likely to Succeed," he was struck by the high-quality education system our state is able to offer to students. He wanted to share the stories that he's heard here and lessons learned about the innovative, high-quality public education system in North Dakota, with educators across our state and throughout the world. And who better to tell those stories than an organization made up of 11,500 North Dakotan public educators and employees, all with your own unique and wonderful tales to tell?

North Dakota United is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership we have formed with Dintersmith and the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction to present a weekly podcast, The Cutting Ed, which will facilitate inspiring and thoughtful conversations with all of the stakeholders in our public education system.

You will hear from our skilled educators, K-12 teachers, professors, school support staff, administrators, business owners, elected officials, parents and students, every Tuesday on The Cutting Ed, with your host, NDU Director of Public Affairs Tom Gerhardt. Tom is a veteran broadcast journalist in the state of North Dakota, whose voice is familiar to thousands of our citizens. He spent 23 years in television news as reporter, anchor and news director, and has established himself as a known and trusted name all across North Dakota. He is a veteran storyteller, and knows well how to pull out the life lessons from education stakeholders in a concise and educational manner.
"This is a terrific example of what collaboration around and dedication to innovative teaching can be," said Nick Archuleta, President of North Dakota United. "Special thanks to filmmaker and visionary Ted Dintersmith for providing the inspiration and resources to make this podcast possible. Thanks, too, to Superintendent Kirsten Baesler for her leadership at the Department of Public Instruction and promotion of innovative teaching. In addition, thanks to Tom Gerhardt and Kelly Hagen in the NDU communications shop for their exceptional efforts in taking this podcast off the drawing board and making it a reality. All of us at NDU hope you enjoy The Cutting Ed."

Finally, we want to feature your voice on The Cutting Ed! What are you doing differently in your classroom, or in the halls and walls of your school or university, to maximize the potential of your students? Or are you a public employee who works diligently to protect and serve families in our state, ensuring that they have access to a quality public education? Contact us with your stories about how you are helping to equip our children with the skills and knowledge they will need to lead our state into the future!