2018 HOBY State Leadership Seminars

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2018 HOBY State Leadership Seminars

Founded in 1958, HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership) is American’s premiere leadership development organization whose mission is to inspire and develop our global community of youth and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service, and innovation.
HOBY State Leadership Seminars are conducted annually throughout the United States and provide high school sophomores unique leadership training, service-learning, and motivation-building experiences—beginning a lifelong dedication to improving the lives of others.
Today, you have the opportunity to change the lives of students at your school.  Please register a deserving sophomore for the HOBY North Dakota Leadership Seminar. Between April and June 2018, more than 10,000 students across the country will join one of HOBY's 70 State Leadership Seminars and return with passion and inspiration to make a difference in your community. 
Select and register sophomore students to represent your high school. Please visit HOBY's State Leadership Seminar page to learn more. Then, email registration@hoby.org with your high school name and mailing address to receive your school’s unique HOBY ID and password to register.
As the HOBY North Dakota Volunteer Corporate Board President and proud father of two sons who have attended the HOBY North Dakota State Leadership Seminar, I have seen the positive impact this seminar can have on young adults. I strongly encourage you to register a deserving sophomore so that they may take advantage of this exceptional leadership opportunity.
If you have questions about the seminar, please contact Justin Miller at 701-527-4818.