Annual Measurable Achievement Outcomes (AMAOs)

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Annual Measurable Achievement Outcomes are the accountability measure for Title III programs. AMAOs are calculated at the district level. There are three AMAO categories.

A district must meet AMAOs 1, 2 and 3 to “meet” their AMAOs for any given school year.
  • AMAO 1 is the progress ELL students make in learning English. In North Dakota, this is calculated by comparing the Overall Proficiency Level (PL) of two consecutive ACCESS test scores.
  • AMAO 2 is the progress ELL students make in attaining English Language Proficiency and calculated by number or percentage of students exciting the program.
  • AMAO 3 is the measurement of Adequate Yearly Progress for the LEP (ELL) subgroup for each district in the areas of Reading and Math. This is calculated in the Title I AYP report and the district information is carried over to Title III for accountability purposes for AMAO 3. The LEP subgroup must make AYP in both subject areas to meet AMAO 3.

    Title III AMAO 3 Waiver Request