New Standards Process Begins for Science, Health, Arts, Early Learning

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For Immediate Release
Contact: Dale Wetzel, Public Information Specialist
Office 701-328-2247
Cell: 701-400-8557
New Standards Process Begins for Science, Health, Arts, Early Learning
BISMARCK, N.D., Nov. 27, 2017 – State School Superintendent Kirsten Baesler is asking North Dakota educators to help review the state’s academic standards for each of the content areas of science, health, the arts, and early learning.

The Department of Public Instruction is updating standards for those four disciplines, a task that is expected to last until fall. The standards are benchmarks for what students are expected to know and be able to do as they progress through elementary, middle and high school.

The process will include the drafting of new standards by North Dakota teachers in science, health, early learning and the arts, which include dance, drama, music, and visual arts; independent reviews of each set of proposed standards by separate committees of North Dakota residents; and time for general public comment.

Baesler is asking for teachers who specialize in science, health, the arts or early learning to apply to serve on one of the four content committees that will draft standards for each discipline. Applications for the positions are on the NDDPI website.

“Content specialists should have a demonstrated command of their content, have an interest or experience in standards writing, work well within a team setting, and be committed throughout the project,” Baesler said.

Rob Bauer, assessment director for the NDDPI, said applications from teachers who wish to serve on any of the content standards development committees are due by 3 p.m. Dec. 12, 2017. They must be submitted by mail or email to the person in charge of standards development for each discipline. They are:

Science: Patricia Laubach, phone 701-328-4525
Health: Deb Pilon, phone 701-328-2753
Arts: Ann Ellefson, phone 701-328-2488
Early Learning: Tara Fuhrer, phone 701-328-4646
Bauer said committee members will be paid a professional fee plus per diem. School districts and early learning programs will get substitute teacher pay, if applicable.
In late January, NDDPI will begin seeking applications for each of the independent citizen committees to review and comment on the draft standards. The independent citizen committees will start their work in late spring, when the standards writing committees finish the first drafts of their work.