Baesler Reminds Teachers of Standards Committee Deadline

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BISMARCK, ND, May 31, 2016 – School Superintendent Kirsten Baesler is reminding North Dakota educators about a Wednesday deadline to apply for two committees that will be updating the math and English standards that are used in the state’s classrooms.

The application asks about an applicant’s experience in education and standards development work. The math and English standards committees will both have up to 35 members.

“We always are wanting to improve our profession and improve the standards we use to teach our students,” Baesler said. “It’s an opportunity to enhance and improve the standards that we use to help prepare our students for the next grade level.”

Baesler says committee members are contracted for their work by the state. She says this process gives teachers an opportunity to be directly involved in deciding what North Dakota students need to learn in math and English.

The application is available on the Department of Public Instruction’s website

Applications need to be emailed to Candice Tollefson, the department’s procurement officer, at or faxed to 701-328-2461.

“Our teachers have worked with these standards now for three to six years. They have been making suggestions, taking notes on what should be changed, what could be altered, what could be done to help improve these standards,” Baesler said. “Now is their opportunity to come together to share those suggestions and share those ideas.”

Baesler recently completed an 11-city listening tour to take questions from teachers about the standards process. She says many teachers told her they were excited about this opportunity to improve the standards and serving on one of the standards committees.

“I saw a lot of excitement in our teachers,” Baesler said. “They are the professionals. They are the teachers who have been working with our students on a day-to-day basis.”