Program Requirements

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Activities supported with Title II, Part A funds must be planned through consultation with teachers, school leaders, paraprofessionals, special service providers, charter school leaders, parents, and community partners.  The district must also engage in continued consultation with these stakeholders to improve supported activities. 

Descriptions of funded activities are outlined within the Consolidated Application for Federal Title Funds and must align to the goals of the Title II program, including:
  • Increase student achievement consistent with state standards,
  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of teachers, principals, and other school leaders,
  • Increase the number of teachers, principals, and other school leaders who are effective in improving student academic achievement in schools, and
  • Provide low-income and minority students greater access to effective teachers, principals, and other school leaders.
Funds made available under this title shall be used to supplement, and not supplant, non-Federal funds that would otherwise be used for activities authorized under this title.
Each district accepting Title II, Part A funds must also:
  • Implement a system of professional growth and improvement for educators, including opportunities to develop meaningful teacher leadership;
  • Prioritize Title II, Part A funds to schools that have been identified for comprehensive and targeted support and improvement;
  • Provide equitable services to eligible non-public school teachers;
  • Coordinate Title II, Part A funded professional development activities with professional development activities provided through other Federal, State and local programs; and
  • Ensure Title II, Part A funded activities address the learning needs of all students, including children with disabilities, English learners, and gifted and talented students.
  • Use evidence-based strategies, practices or activities that have been evaluated and proven to improve student outcomes.