Documenting Communication with Classroom Teachers

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Title I teachers must document communication with the classroom teachers so that what is being taught in the Title I room is directly aligned to the work being done in the classroom. This is also a good time for the Title I teacher to remind classroom teachers that it is the Title I teacher's responsibility to supplement classroom instruction, not supplant it. See the samples below for ideas on how to document communication with classroom teachers as well as reinforce the supplementary service issue.
  • Lesson Plan - Sample Form
    Requests lesson plans, focusing on skills, for a week's time in both reading and math. 
  • Skills This Week - Sample Form
    Requests lesson plans for a week in any subject; also asks for classroom progress updates for Title I students.
  • Title I Communication - Sample Form
    This format divides information into several categories including "Current Story/Theme," "Targeted Skills," and "Writing Connections."
  • Classroom to Title I Request - Sample Form
    You may also want to allow classroom teachers the flexibility to request specific skills be retaught at any time throughout the school year. Handing out several forms like this at the beginning of the year to each of the teachers and then letting them turn the form in as they see it's needed could be another excellent way to document communication and provide supplemental instruction
  • Let's Work Together - Sample Letter
    Introductory letter.  Another idea for communicating with classroom teachers your responsibility as a Title I instructor is to said an introductory letter each fall that outlines what you, as a Title I teacher, can and cannot do.