Student Progress

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Under ESSA, targeted assistance schools must, on an on-going basis, review the progress of eligible children and revise the program if necessary, to provide additional assistance to enable children to meet the challenging state academic standards.
It is the responsibility of the Title I teacher to monitor progress of Title I students in all of the grades they serve. A review of each Title I student’s progress is conducted to assess whether students are making gains. It is recommended a minimum of three assessment criteria be used to measure student progress. Title I teachers are required to track the progress of all students served in the Title I program. It is also important that the results of these assessments are documented.
In addition to assessing the progress of each Title I student, Title I programs are required to provide parents with the assessment results in a written format. This written report is called the “Title I Report Card” or “Title I Progress Report.” Ideally, parents should receive frequent feedback on their child’s progress. However, the report cards must be distributed at a minimum of twice a year. To maintain your Title I portfolio and to provide parents with the results of your assessments, we recommend developing a form that lists the assessment results. Click below to see both reading and math sample forms you can use to document assessment results in your program. All forms contain at least three assessment results.

Reading Sample Forms Math Sample Forms Other Sample Forms