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A local educational agency may consolidate and use funds, together with other Federal, State, and local funds, in order to upgrade the entire educational program of a school that serves an eligible school attendance area in which not less than 40 percent of the children are from low-income families, or not less than 40 percent of the children enrolled in the school are from such families.

An eligible Title I school with less than 40% poverty rate may operate a schoolwide program if the school receives a waiver from the NDDPI. A school receiving a waiver must take into account how a schoolwide program will best serve the needs of the students to improve academic achievement and other factors.

North Dakota Schoolwide Programs provide services that enable all children in their buildings to meet high standards. Schoolwide programs are implemented after one year of planning.
A schoolwide program uses its Title allocation to upgrade the entire educational program of the school in order to raise academic achievement for ALL students at the school. A schoolwide program is built upon schoolwide reform strategies rather than separate, add-on services.

For information regarding Schoolwide Programs, please contact Anne Linden at (701) 328-4612.

Components of a Schoolwide Program
North Dakota schools must use AdvancED to meet schoolwide plan requirements.
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment for the entire school based on information that includes the performance of children in relation to the state academic content and achievement standards.
  • Schoolwide Reform Strategies that provide opportunities for all children, including subgroups of students, to address school needs; use methods and instructional strategies that strengthen the academic program, increase amount and quality of learning time, and provide an enriched and accelerated curriculum; and address the needs of all children in the school, particularly the needs of those at risk of not meeting the challenging state academic standards.
  • Coordination and Integration of federal, state, and local services and programs. Schools have a better chance of increasing academic achievement of all students by implementing improvement activities from a variety of sources for a comprehensive framework.
  • Comingling of Funds is an option to consolidate funds with state, local, and other federal programs that will be consolidated in the schoolwide program.