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A local educational agency may use Title I funds, in combination with other federal, state, and local funds, in order to upgrade the entire educational program in a school that has a poverty of 40 percent or greater.

North Dakota’s Schoolwide Programs provide services that enable all children in their buildings to meet high standards. Schoolwide programs are implemented after one year of planning with assistance from the state educational agency and our state's Title I School Support Team.
A schoolwide program uses its Title allocation to upgrade the entire educational program of the school in order to raise academic achievement for ALL students at the school. A schoolwide program is built upon schoolwide reform strategies rather than separate, add-on services.

For more information regarding NDDPI Schoolwide Programs, please contact Stefanie Two Crow  at (701) 328-2287.

Components of a Schoolwide Program
Title I schoolwide regulations require schoolwide programs to develop a comprehensive schoolwide plan that describes how the school will achieve the goals it has identified as a result of its needs assessment. The schoolwide plan must include:
  • Conduct a comprehensive needs assessment of the entire school;
  • Identify reform strategies, aligned with the needs assessment, that are research-based and provide opportunities for all children to meet the state’s proficient or advanced levels of academic achievement;
  • Provide instruction by highly qualified teachers;
  • Offer high-quality, ongoing professional development;
  • Create strategies to attract highly qualified teachers;
  • Create strategies to increase parental involvement;
  • Develop plans to assist preschool students through the transition from early childhood programs to local elementary school programs;
  • Identify measures to include teachers in decisions regarding the use of academic assessments;
  • Conduct activities to ensure that students who experience difficulty attaining proficiency receive effective, timely, additional assistance; and
  • Coordinate and integrate federal, state, and local services and programs.
Additional school may choose to co-mingle funds from Title I, Part A, and other federal education program funds and resources without maintaining separate fiscal accounting records by program, or meeting most statutory requirements of those programs. If a school chooses to co-mingle then the school plan must document that it has met the intent and purposes of each program whose funds are consolidated.

In North Dakota, schools have a variety of ways to document their Title I schoolwide plan. Outlined below are the approved methods for schoolwide plan documentation, as well are supporting resources.
  • AdvancED (External Link)
  • NDMILE/NativeStar (External Link)
  • Title I Schoolwide Program Application (SFN 53017)
    • The application can be found on the department's Forms page by searching "SFN #####"

Designing Schoolwide Programs Non-Regulatory Guidance – March 2006  (External Link)
Comprehensive Needs Assessment – Coming Soon
Ongoing Evaluation and Annual Review
Co-Mingling Schoolwide Funds Toolkit
Title I Schoolwide Parent Involvement Requirements