Title I Committee of Practitioners

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Title I Committee of Practitioners
Title I requires that each state Title I program have a Committee of Practitioners. The Committee of Practitioners must include members of the following stakeholder groups:
  • Administrators
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Members of school boards
  • Individuals from the private school sector
  • Representatives of vocational/adult education
  • Pupil services personnel
The law states that it is the Committee of Practitioners role to “review before publication any final rule or regulation” pertaining to Title I.

Committee members are asked to review and be aware of various issues in Title I, including standards development, the state assessment system, and other current issues. This also includes awareness of the following programs within Title I such as the Education for Homeless Children and Youth and Neglected and Delinquent Programming.

When selected, committee members are asked to consider serving on the team for a three-year period, to ensure consistency within the team’s membership. However, agreeing to be on the team only commits member services for one year; as each year the Division of Student Support and Innovation contacts each person on the committee to verify membership for the upcoming school year.

The committee is also asked to annually review and select the recipient of the “Title I Exceptional Educator Award.”