Program Requirements

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Needs Assessment
Districts with a Title IV allocation of $30,000 or more, must conduct a comprehensive needs assessment every three years to examine the needs for improvement of well-rounded educational opportunities, school conditions for student learning, and access to personalized learning experiences supported by technology.

If the district has an existing comprehensive needs assessment process, includes stakeholder involvement, and data elements relevant to the areas of allowable uses of Title IV funds (well-rounded, safe and healthy students, educational technology), then it is sufficient to leverage this existing process to satisfy the Title IV program requirement. However, if existing needs assessment processes do not address the content areas included in Title IV, then a separate comprehensive needs assessment should be conducted to ensure relevant needs are identified for use of funds.

Districts whose Title IV allocation is less than $30,000 are not obligated to conduct a needs assessment.

Activities supported with Title IV funds must be planned through consultation with parents, teachers, principals, other school leaders, special service providers, students, community-based organizations, local government representatives, Indian tribes or tribal organizations that may be located in the region served by the district, teachers, principals, and other relevant stakeholders. 

The district must also engage in continued consultation with these stakeholders to improve supported activities.

Prioritization of Funds
Districts must prioritize the distribution of Title IV funds to schools that:
  • have the greatest needs (as determined by the district),
  • have the highest percentages or numbers of low-income children,
  • are identified for targeted support,
  • are identified comprehensive support, OR
  • are identified as a persistently dangerous school.
Equitable Services to Private School Students
Districts are required to consult with private school officials and provide equitable services to children in eligible private school programs. Districts must provide an equitable share of funds based on the percent of private school enrollment in proportion to public school enrollment. The public school district remains in fiscal control at all times.

Funding Obligations
Districts with a Title IV allocation of $30,000 or more, must:
  • use at least 20% of Title IV funds on activities to support well-rounded education,
  • use at least 20% of Title IV funds on activities to support safe and healthy students,
  • a portion of funds on activities to support the effective use of technology AND of this portion, no more than 15% can be used on technology infrastructure.
Districts with a Title IV allocation of less than $30,000 may spend funds in all three allowable areas or may choose only one area; however the 15% cap on technology infrastructure still applies to the portion of funds used whithin the techhology strand.

*Technology infrastructure includes devices, equipment, software applications, platforms, digital instructional resources and/or other one-time information technology purchases.

Districts provide descriptions of funded activities in the Consolidated Application for Federal Title Funds on an annual basis. The application must address program objectives and intended outcomes.