Jan-Feb-March 2016

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Laurie Matzke, Assistant Superintendent

2016 NDDPI Fall Educator's Conference
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Title I Eligibility for 2016-2017
In January/February of each year, the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) determines eligibility status for Title I funding for the subsequent school year.

Eligibility for a Title I grant requires a district to have a minimum formula count of ten. The formula count must exceed 2% of the district’s age 5-17 population. The formula count is a weighted unit consisting of 15.5% of the census poor count, 15.5% of the foster child count, 46% of the eligible free meal count, and 23% of the eligible reduced meal count.

The census poor count is the count of children ages 5-17 who were reported below poverty on the updated federal census. The foster child count is a count of children ages 5-17 living in foster homes during October 2015. The free meal count is a count of children eligible for free meals. The reduced meal count is a count of children eligible for reduced meal prices. A child must have an approved free or reduced meal application on file at their school district office in October 2015 to be counted. The department’s Child Nutrition and Food Distribution unit verifies the free and reduced meal counts. If the total weighted unit drops below ten, the district does not meet the eligibility requirement and the subsequent year’s Title I grant would be zero. After eligibility has been determined, we can then use each district’s aggregate units for funding purposes.

As soon as the eligibility process is complete, the Office of Federal Title Programs will send correspondence to all Title I authorized representatives informing them of the status of their district’s aggregate units. Each district will receive a chart comparing last year’s aggregate units to the current totals. If the aggregate units increase from the prior year, the allocation may increase if we receive more Title I funds as a state. If the aggregate units decrease, the allocation will most likely also decrease. If the numbers do not change much, the allocation will likely remain fairly steady, as long as the state’s allocation also remains steady.

District: Sample
Free Meals
Reduced Meals
Aggregate Units
2012 Data 782 1496 691 64 978.220
2013 Data 933 1724 720 64 1113.175

Please watch for this information to be sent electronically to all Title I authorized representatives in the upcoming weeks.