Parent and Family Engagement

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Parent and Family Engagement Policies
Each district and school that receives Title I, Part A funds or services must develop jointly with, agree on with, and distribute to parents of participating children, written parent and family engagement policies that contain information required by the ESEA. These policies establish the district and school expectations for parent and family engagement, describe how the district and school will implement a number of specific parent and family engagement activities.
For small districts, personnel have the option of writing a separate District Parent and Family Engagement Policy and a separate School Parent and Family Engagement Policy or combining the two into one District-School Parent and Family Engagement Policy. Each policy is outlined below.

School-Parent Compact
A requirement within the Parent and Family Engagement Policy is to develop a school-parent compact. The purpose of the compact is to outline how will parents and families and the school work together to achieve the goals of the school and student achievement goals for all students.

Parent Permission
After you have selected which students will receive Title I services, you must send a letter informing parents that their child is eligible to receive these services. You may or may not require these letters to come back to you. However, if a parent refuses Title I services, you must have that parent's signature on file. Several templates are available to assist schools in meeting this requirement.

Annual Assessment of Parent and Family Engagement
At the end of each school year, Title I schools must conduct an evaluation of parent and family engagement policies. This requirement is often met through a parent survey, but other methods of evaluation may be used. The results of this evaluation must be included on the agenda for the Annual Review Meeting held in the spring.

Annual Review Meeting
Each year you are required to hold an Annual Review Meeting to review all the components of your Title I program - the student selection process, professional development, the parent involvement policy, the compact, classroom teacher communication, assessment methods, service methods, curriculum, and any other items important to the operation of your Title I at your school. Please remember to document the meeting with an agenda, meeting date, and/or Minutes of the Annual Review Meeting.

Program Requirements

If a district’s allocation is $500,000 or more, then they are required to set aside 1% of their district’s Title I allocation for parent and family engagement. Only 10% of these funds may be used at the district level, 90% must be given to the participating schools.

A list of resources has been developed to assist Title I programs in meeting the requirement to provide parents with opportunities to become partners with the school in promoting the education of the child at school and at home.