Time and Effort Documentation

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Time and Effort/Personnel Schedule Requirements
The federal law requires all employees, including teachers, paraprofessionals, and other staff that are paid with federal funds to document the time and effort they spend within that program. The portion of the federally paid salary should be reflective of the time and effort the individual has put forth for that federal program.

Districts that have fully funded federal personnel must also maintain an assurance every six months (at a minimum) documenting that staff have worked solely for the one particular federal program. The individual and their supervisor must both sign the assurance after the time has occurred. This certification should also include documentation of time spent on the federal program (copy of daily planner, schedules, time sheets, daily logs, etc.).

Staff paid with Title I funds on an irregular schedule must keep a time and effort log and time sheet which must be signed every month. For those individuals with a salary that is fully-funded or with a regular, fixed daily schedule with Title I, an assurance must be signed at least every six months.

When addressing this requirement, please keep documentation that outlines how the time and effort requirements are met for all staff being paid with federal funds either using a time documentation schedule or time and effort log. All positions will need to maintain an assurance of time.

Assurances, certifications, time and effort logs, and schedules will be requested and reviewed when districts are monitored.