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Title I Exceptional Educator Award
The Office of Educational Equity & Support is pleased to announce a Title I awards program focused on recognizing exceptional educators who work in a Title I program. This program allows the state to recognize multiple Title I educators who contribute to raising the academic achievement of at-risk youth. Please consider nominating an exceptional educator in your school.

Federal law under No Child Left Behind (NCLB) allowed “Awards to Teachers”: A state educational agency was able to reserve funds available under section 2113 to recognize and provide financial awards to teachers in a Title I program that consistently makes significant gains in academic achievement in the areas in which the teacher provides instruction. The funds available for Title awards are carryover funds under NCLB. Under the new ESSA law, there is no provision for Title I awards; therefore, this may be the last year these funds are available. We highly encourage nominations as selected recipients will receive a monetary grant award to use in their Title I program. The amount of each award will be contingent upon the number of applications received and approved.
  • Minimum Eligibility Criteria
    • Must currently be employed in a North Dakota public school
    • Must be an educator who works in a Title I Targeted Assistance or Schoolwide program
      • Targeted Assistance - Funds may be used for Title I staff
      • Schoolwide - Funds may be used for any staff within the Title I building
    • Must have contributed to raising the academic achievement of students served in the Title I program
    • Must fully complete all sections of the application
  • Local Recognition
This awards program has a local recognition component in the application process. The NDDPI, Office of Educational Equity & Support, sponsors the program; however, it is up to each district to locally recognize the award recipients (e.g., recognize at a school event, press release). Applications will be scored, in part, on a district’s process and procedure for locally recognizing a recipient.
  •  Selection
The North Dakota Title I Committee of Practitioners will assist in selecting the award recipients from the nominations received.
If you have any questions or need clarification regarding the award, please feel free to contact Stefanie Two Crow at (701) 328-2287.