WIDA Early Years Program

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The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction, Office of Indian/Multicultural Education and Office of Early Learning have partnered with WIDA Early Years to help support North Dakota’s dual language learners, ages 2.5-5.5 years, in early care and education (ECE) settings. 

About WIDA Early Years
WIDA Early Years provides resources and professional learning to educators and practitioners that support dual language learners, ages 2.5-5.5 years. WIDA is based at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.  For more information about WIDA Early Years, visit www.wida.us/EarlyYears.

North Dakota Early Years Professional Cadre
The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction held a series of trainings to create a cadre of knowledgeable trainers to support teachers and providers of dual language learners in North Dakota. 

ND Early Years Professional Cadre Contact List

Contact Information:
Tara Fuhrer, Director
Office of Early Learning
(701) 328-4646

Lodee Arnold, Assistant Director
Office of Indian/Multicultural Education
(701) 328-1876