3 Hour Sanitation Update

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On-Line Sanitation Update—3 Hour—DPI/Child Nutrition and Food Distribution Programs

The class can be taken by clicking on each  of the seven lessons below  and listening to the narrated slide show

NOTE: You must write the code on the certificate for validation that you completed all lesson plans. The code will be provided through-out the lesson plans

Please review the following document referred to in the lessons before watching..

North Dakota Food Code (Reference in Introduction) - Printing not needed - 96 pages
Food borne Illness - (Appendix A  in Lesson A)
Common Food borne Illness / Bacteria and Viruses (Appendix B in Lesson A)
Self Reporting Procedure Handout (Appendix C in Lesson B)
Temperature Control Record (Reference in Lesson C) 

Introduction- Welcome
Lesson A- The Sanitation Challenge
Lesson B - The Safe Food handler
Lesson C - Receiving and Storage of Safe Food
Lesson D- Protecting Food in Preparation
Lesson E- Clean Kitchen Savvy
Conclusion- Congratulations

Completed Certificates may also be emailed to Lynell Thueson lthueson@nd.gov