Jan-Feb-March 2017

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2016-2017 Schools Eligible for Summer Food Service Program

By Kaye Knudson, Education Program Administrator, SNP Manager

The SFSP is a federally-funded, state-administered program. The SFSP reimburses providers who serve free healthy meals to children and teens in low-income areas during the summer months when school is not in session. There are two ways schools are Eligible to provide free summer meals. The first is through School data. If there are any months your enrollment indicates 50% or more of enrolled students are eligible for Free/Reduced priced meals, this qualifies your school to be an open sites and can serve free meals to all kids in the neighborhood and those attending summer enrichment programs.
There is also eligibility through census data. The Capacity Builder Map allows users to visualize “layers” of information, such as the area eligibility data, existing sites and potential site locations.  The Capacity Builder is a powerful tool for State agencies and sponsors to identify opportunities for expansion. Here is the link to the Capacity Builder Map. If you have questions, please call Kaye at 701-328-2275 or email ksknudson@nd.gov.

The Districts and Sites eligible to participate in the SFSP in 2017 by School and Census Data are:
Anamoose Public School              
Beach Public School       
Belcourt School District #7 - Tiny Turtles Preschool, Turtle Mt Comm Elementary,
Turtle Mt Middle School, Turtle Mt Community High School
Bismarck Public School - Dorothy Moses, Jeannette Myhre, Will-Moore Elementary,
Wachter Middle, Bismarck High, South Central High School
Circle of Nations - Wahpeton Indian School
Devils Lake - Minnie H, Prairie View, Sweetwater Elementary School
Dickinson - Berg and Jefferson Elementary          
Drake Public School        
Drayton Public School   
Dunseith - High School, Dunseith Elementary School
Dunseith Day    
Edgeley Public School - Willow Bank Colony
Eight Mile Public School
Ellendale - Maple River Elementary         
Emerado Elementary School
Enderlin Public School   
Fairmount Public School               
Fairview Public School   
Fargo Public Schools - Ed Clapp, Jefferson, Madison, McKinley, Eagles Education Center,
Carl Ben Eielson, Washington Elementary, North High School            
Fort Totten - Four Winds              
Fort Yates Public School
Gackle-Streeter Public School
Golva Public School        
Goodrich Public School 
Grafton - Century Elementary, Grafton High School
Grand Forks - Century, Lake Agassiz, Nathan Twining, Wilder, Winship, Viking Elementary,
Valley Jr. High, Central High, Red River High, Community High School
Halliday Public School    
Hankinson High School 
Harvey Public School    
Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock Public School
Hettinger Public School
Jamestown - High School, Junior High, Roosevelt, Washington Elementary            
Kidder County - Tappen
Kulm Public School - High School              
LaMoure Public School - Colony School
Lisbon Elementary          
Litchville-Marion Public School - Marion Public
Maddock Public School
Mandan - Custer and Mary Stark Elementary      
Mandaree Public School               
Maple Valley Public School - Wheatland Colony
Mayville-Portland - Middle School           
McClusky Public School 
Milnor Public School-Sundale Colony School
Minnewaukan Public School       
Minot - Belair, McKinley, Perkett, Sunnyside, Washington, Roosevelt, John Hoeven, North Plains
Elementary, Minot Air Force Base-Dakota Elementary, Memorial Middle School, Central
Campus, Eric Ramstad, Jim Hill, Magic City Campus   
Minto School District     
Mt. Pleasant-Rolla          
ND School for the Deaf 
New Rockford Public School       
New Town Public School - Edwin Loe Elementary School, New Town High School
Oberon Public School    
Ojibwa Indian School     
Parshall Public School - Parshall Elementary, Parshall High School
Rolette Public School     
Sargent Central Public School
Sawyer Public School
Selfridge Public School  
Solen Public School - Cannon Ball Elementary School, Solen High School
St Ann’s Catholic Indian School  
St Bernard Mission School           
St John Public School     
Standing Rock School - Elementary, High School
Starkweather School District       
Sterling School Board    
Strasburg Public School
Tioga - High School, Central Elementary
Twin Buttes School         
United Tribes Tech College, Theodore Jamerson Elem School
Valley City - Washington Elementary      
Valley-Edinburg School District - Valley Edinburg Elementary-Crystal, Hoople
Velva Public School         
Wahpeton Public School - Zimmerman Elementary School
Warwick Public School  
West Fargo Public School - L E Berger Elementary School, South Elementary,
West Fargo Kindergarten Center  
White Shield Public School   
Williston - Bakken Elementary, Middle School