USDA Foods Processing

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Fee for Service (State Agency)
Be aware that the following links have both Regular and Child Nutrition (CN) information.  If you are unable to find the CN label you are looking for please contact Tara Koster

Cargill Kitchen Solutions (Sunny Fresh)
Nutritional Information                                                                     Cost Analysis Cargill

40032 WG French Toast Sticks Nutritional
Nutritional Information                                                                
5610 34500-2 Hash Brown Patties
56210 04101-2 Tator Tots, Oven Golden Nuggets
56210 05307 Clear Coat Low Sodium French Fry

Nutritional Information 
2099 Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey Breast White Meat
2565 Sliced Turkey Ham 12/1lb units Dark Meat
2635-20 All-Natural Oven Roasted Diced Turkey Breast White Meat
6132 Country Recipe Turkey Sausage Patties Dark Meat
6448-20 Pre-Cooked Chunked White Turkey White Meat

JTM Food Group
Nutritional Information                                                                  Cost Analysis - JTM Food Group
CP5030 Beef Meatballs 0.5 oz
CP5682 Beef Patty 2.25oz
CP5683 Premium Beef Patty 3.0oz
CP5813 Beef Sliced
CP5868 Beef Crumbles

Pilgrim's Pride
Nutritional Information                                                          Cost Analysis Pilgrim's Pride

615300 WG Chicken Nuggets
625300 WG Chicken Strips
110452 WG Chicken Smackers
665400 WG Chicken Patty
63912 Tonys Turkey Sausage Cheese Breakfast Pizza
68523 Tonys Fiestada
68582 Primo Parkbaked Pre-Sliced UNCOURED Pepp
68586 Big Daddys Primo 16" Cheese Pre-Sliced Pizza
68591 Big Daddys Primo 16" Cheese Pizza
68592 Big Daddys Primo 16" Pepperoni Pizza
72671 Tonys French Bread 6" Cheese Pizza
73338 Beacon Street Café Cheese Stuffed Sticks
78353 Tonys Bacon Scramble Breakfast Pizza
78359 Tonys French Bread Cheese/Multi Cheese Garlic Pizza
78364 Tonys Galaxy 4" Cheese Pizza
78365 Tonys Galaxy Pepperoni Pizza
78637 Big Daddys Primo 16" Four Cheese Pizza
78638 Big Daddys Primo Turkey Pepperoni Pizza
78639 Big Daddys Primo 16" Buffalo Chicken Pizza
78640 Big Daddys Primo 16" Four Meat Combo Pizza
78653 Big Daddys Primo 16" Cheese Pre-Sliced 8-Cut
78654 Big Daddys Primo 16" Pepperoni Pre-Sliced 8-Cut
78697 Tonys 4X6 Cheese Pizza

Nutritional Information
10071179036722 Seasoned Crisp Savory Wedge
10071179036289 Infinity 3/8" Crinkle Cut French Fry
10071179470144 Seasoned Savory Loops
10071179299028 Spudster Crispy Mashed Potatoes

Nutritional Information
10037310928 Breaded Chicken Patties
10037320928 Breaded Chicken Chunks
10055670928 Chicken Pattie Hot N Spicy w/packing
10703040928 Chicken Pattie Golden Crispy Chicken Pattie Fritters
10703340928 Chicken Tender Shaped Fritters (3 Piece Serving)
10383500928 Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet
10269760928 Chicken, Popcorn, Breaded
10703020928 Golden Crispy Breaded Chicken Breast Fillet
10703620928 Golden Crispy Breaded Chicken Chunks
17033220928 Breaded Golden Crispy Chicken Tenderloins
10046210928 Fajita Chicken Dark Meat Strips
10174430928 Chicken Sausage Pattie
16660100928 Fully Cooked Breaded Chicken Drumsticks

Nutritional Information
                                                                      Cost Analysis - Yang's
15554-8 BBQ Teriyaki Chicken

Alternate Value Pass thru Systems (Distributor)

Summary End Product Data Schedules (by Vendor)

Cargill SEPDS SY20
Cavendish SEPDS SY20
Jennie O SEPDS SY20
Pilgrim's Pride SEPDS SY20
Red Gold SEPDS SY20
Schwan's SEPDS SY20
Simplot SEPDS SY20
Tyson SEPDS SY20

Yang's SEPDS SY20