School Retool

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School Retool is a professional development fellowship that helps school leaders redesign their school culture using small, scrappy experiments called “hacks.” Hacks may start small, but they're built on research-based practices that lead to Deeper Learning, and can create the kind of big change school principals aspire to - namely, preparing your students for life in the real world.

The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction, in partnership with MDEC and MREC, is excited to announce the second cohort of School Retool North Dakota. This professional learning fellowship assists school principals redesign their school culture to support deeper leaning practices using small hacks.
The fellowship will run during the winter and spring 2019, and include in-person workshops, personal coaching, peer support, and lots of inspiration.  We are looking for public school principals in North Dakota who want to improve public education, believe in access to deeper learning outcomes for ALL students, and are willing and ready to try out a new, immersive learning experience.
The first cohort, held during fall 2017, provided great success for building leaders from across North Dakota. 
Complete an application by November 1, 2018 at


The Hack Mindset

What we mean when we talk about hacking.

Bias to Action             Fail Forward and Learn             Start Small

Don't over think it, Use "failures" as 
opportunities to learn.

                                                                       Keep the goal small,
                                                                       the team tight and
                                                                       the timeline short.

                                                                                                                                            just try it