North Dakota Comprehensive State Literacy Plan

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SRCLeventbritelogoThe Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy grant requires a comprehensive literacy plan that must address the needs of children from birth through grade twelve. It should also improve alignment and transition between grades. It should include all of the key components of an effective state literacy system, including clear standards; a system of assessments to inform instruction; guidance on the selection and use of curriculum and interventions; teacher preparation and professional development aligned with standards; and a system of data collection, evaluation, and program accountability.

North Dakota Comprehensive State Literacy Plan - Updated March 2018

To prepare for the SRCL grant, NDDPI contacted the North Central Comprehensive Center (NCCC) to assist in creating and analyzing a needs assessment for early childhood and K-12 educators.  The purpose of the needs assessments was to provide NDDPI with a statewide view about literacy in early education programs, schools, and districts; how literacy aligns with the North Dakota Comprehensive State Literacy Plan; and what resources the educators need to implement literacy successfully within their programs, schools, and districts.

The following reports summarize the results from the Spring 2018 K-12 Needs Assessment.  

NDDPI K-12 Needs Assessment - Spring 2018
NDDPI Early Childhood Needs Assessment - Spring 2018